Make Cayman Gayman

Why don’t the entire gay community and gay friendly community get together and boycott these areas.

We all know that they rely on tourism to survive so hit them where it hurts.

Even if only for a few months, do not plan on visiting the Cayman Islands and spread the word as much as possible.

They will either change their tune or suffer the loss of their economy. They deserve to be taught a lesson that is harsh and unyielding in its message.

They take everyone’s money the same so therefore they should be willing to treat everyone the same.

As for the Royal Palms, why would anyone want to frequent that establishment when it clearly does not stand up for all of its patron’s rights? Again, boycott the place and shut it down if necessary.

I am absolutely furious at this article and I plan on showing it and forwarding it to as many people as possible. If by doing that, I put a small dent in the revenue of the Cayman Islands, then I have succeeded. Let’s make Cayman more Gayman!!

Stuart Lennon