GT dump catches fire

Cayman Islands Fire Service crews spent the entire afternoon Monday battling a huge fire at the George Town Landfill.


Tedious task: Sub Fire Officer Norman Joseph (pictured left) and Fire Fighter Glenroy Logan try to control flames from Monday afternoons landfill fire. Photo: Brent Fuller

Firefighters said flames were reported around noon breaking out in one of the trash heaps where residential garbage is processed. The landfill site is located just east of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway between North Sound Road and Camana Bay.

White smoke could be seen billowing out in a general westerly direction for miles. Fire crews on scene said it would likely take many hours to extinguish the flames.

No injuries were reported.

A precise cause for the blaze was not immediately known. However, the landfill has experienced occasional fires over the years either through spontaneous combustion of rubbish or from someone throwing away items like lit cigarettes or burning coals.

Firefighters have a tedious task in extinguishing flames during a landfill fire. It requires large amounts of water supply. Fire crews have to dig up piles of trash, turn them over and make sure all flames have been extinguished.

The last major fire at the George Town Landfill broke out on 31 July and took about 12 hours to extinguish. Another huge blaze in 2004 took two days to put out.