Cayman disservices itself

As a Caymanian and a civil servant I am surprised by the many letters objecting to Ms. Bush’s stance on the matter, knowing full well that Ms Bush is probably one of the most dedicated and outspoken civil servants this country has ever seen (and we should be grateful for that!).

I am surprised that writers and radio-show callers would actually think that Ms Bush would be permitted to write that letter without going through several approval levels above her.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, yet again, this government of ours hasn’t set up another civil servant to take the fall when they put her up to it.

I am surprised to see letter-writers supporting the action of the police when an official RCIP press release stated that the police were not sure any laws had been broken.

If the police didn’t know the laws, why on earth would they detain the gentleman?

And why on earth, if the behaviour was so objectionable, did the restaurant’s proprietor not ask the gentlemen to leave?

Open your eyes Cayman – our Government is as insular and close-minded as every letter-writer and radio-show-caller objecting to the public display of affection by a couple of well-educated and likely big spenders who dared to visit these wonderful Islands…home to anti-human rights activists, destructors of nature and killers of endangered species!

Well we’ve done it…we placed ourselves on the international map and every major international news service and we’ve probably done ourselves a great disservice….no surprises there!

Careen Ebanks