Orchids taken from forest

Well, well.

This wonderful display in London, including the Ghost Orchid found nowhere else in Grand Cayman but in the neighbourhood of Val’s Ironwood Forest, is to be auctioned off for about $80,000 with the money to go to charity.

In the Caymanian Compass of 21 April there is a picture of two ladies removing these same endemic plants with Government’s permission out of Val’s Ironwood Forest from the path of where the proposed four-lane highway was to go, with road works beings topped for four months for this task to be carried out. We thought all the plants were to go to the Botanic Park.

Now we read (Caymanian Compass 99 May, 2008) that these orchids for the display were sourced out by staff of the Botanic Park.

Wonder who these rare, endemic plants really belong to and who should receive the money for them? Any takers?

Up to date Andrew MacGregor Yates, sole owner of Val’s Ironwood Forest, has not bee paid for the land for the proposed highway or the rare, endemic, expensive orchids that have been removed from the path of the proposed highway.

Arlene Yates