Acting museum director earns CIPM

Acting Director of the Cayman Islands National Museum Debra Barnes-Tabora has been certified as an Institutional Protection Manager.

The award was made by the International Foundation for Cultural Property at the recent American Association of Museums annual convention in Denver, Colorado.

‘The CIPM designation is open to candidates with the relevant education and experience in a management role, and who has responsibility for cultural property protection, safety and security,’ explained Mrs. Barnes-Tabora, whose specialisation at the Museum has been curation and programmes. Certified managers are designated as CIPMs.

Mrs. Barnes-Tabora received the certification at a course she attended along with some 20 others at the conclusion of the four-day AAM. The intensive course covered topics such as screening, hiring and terminating museum employees, legal considerations, protection of collections, fire protection and security, emergency response to medical emergencies, and business continuity planning.

Candidates sat an examination which was graded by IFCPP instructors, on the basis of which certificates were awarded