Passion for fashion

She describes her work as creative, timeless chic haute couture. It’s clothing with imagination that’s fun to wear when you want to make a statement.

Local fashion designer Vinnette Glidden started her career as a speech and language pathologist some 26 years ago, and since that time the behind-the-seams designer has been quietly making a statement in Cayman’s fashion industry.

She has opened her own costume design store, (Caribbean Pirate), sewn super hero costumes for her grandsons, designed numerous costumes for Cayman carnival events, constructed a colouring book with stories about the illustrations, styled numerous 1960s, 70s and 80s costumes and designed his/her wedding outfits and a prom dress. In addition, she has created costumes for productions Alice in Wonderland and Moon on a Rainbow Shall, and sewed over 20 designs recently entered in the ‘Fresh Couture’, a fashion show at the Harquail Theatre.

With all this, she still finds time for her husband Charles Glidden, and doctor and lawyer daughters Angela and Chanda, as well as her two grandsons.

If there is someone who is multi-talented, Vinnette Glidden fits the bill to a T.

Her husband jokingly says Vinnette finds no time for boredom as she creates work.

The gifted mom of two cites her talents as coming from a long line of artsy family.

From the early age of 10 she was into designing her own clothes. ‘I would draw the designs and my mother would sew them. I remember sewing my first dress. It was a blue plaid dress with double puff sleeves. It was real funny when my mother said you forgot to put in the bust darts.’ I wore that dress until there were holes in it,’ she said.

At college Ms Glidden sewed for professors and made costumes for the drama class.

Blessed with so much talent she does not have to focus hard on which one to accommodate. She says when she is creating a piece she does not think about it, the design comes into her head and she just works with it. Usually before the piece is finished it has changed a number of times.

Her joy comes from not selling the piece but from seeing it worn but someone.

When asked what her favourite design was, Ms Glidden said she loves all of them.

When creating costumes she tries to create a modern theme with a fun look.

Although most of her pieces are designed as a fun hobby she sells the costumes at her store in the Jack and Jill Building downtown.

For those wanting to get into fashion designing Ms Glidden said once you have the willpower and desire you can do it. You will meet obstacles but you have to over come.

Her joy comes from seeing her costumes on display during parades. ‘I feel comfort and honour knowing that talent like mine can be expressed.’

There was also a scientific side to this family and were all encourage going to school and getting an education she said.

But coming from an artsy family, the behind-the-seams career mom has not wandered far from her true passion in life fashion designing.