Road system is magnificent

I write to sincerely and hertily congratulate Minister Arden McLean on the implementation of the magnificent road system going east and also the northern bypass corridor going north.

There is no doubt that drivers going in both directions now enjoy less driving time to and from George Town and West Bay with much less aggravation and stress.

Mr Brian Tomlinson and the NRA must also be complemented on their design workand fast implementation of this work and it is a joy to use these roadways even though they are still in development stages.

The development of this magnificent road system has the flow-on effect of opening up vast areas of previously inaccessible properties to the benefit of all the landowners with the result that more sub-division and development will take place with great benefit to our treasury that relies quite substantially on fees paid for stamp duty transfer tax and also import duty on building supplies and equipment.

Kent D. Eldemire