Show police your respect

As a Caymanian, I felt compelled to write to voice my opinion. It is my right to speak up to let those who are talking about the country not getting value for money to know how I feel.

I think you are totally out of order and have no respect for our police force. You all should be ashamed of yourself. Firstly, I know some of you people have never visited anywhere else besides the Cayman Islands but for me I can proudly say that I have travelled the world.

I say this because of all the many places I’ve travelled to, the Cayman Islands is the only country that does not allow officers to carry guns for protection.

But we need to remember this country is getting more and more populated every day.

How can you expect our police officers to go to a location where a crime is being committed, guns being used, knives flashing, bottles being thrown, etc., and they are not equipped with protection?

If police officers are given guns and they have to use them, then let it be, I applaud them to use their weapons. I feel every officer in uniform should have a gun at all times to protect themselves. I don’t feel they should just walk in to fights with knives and other weapons with just staff for protection. So, all of the rubbish about our politicians are talking means nothing to me. We should give our officers praise for what they have done to keep this country safe, because they cannot be everywhere at the same time.

Shame on you who think our police officers are not doing enough.

Edward Rankine