Stalking report online

A final report on stalking and sexual harassment in the Cayman Islands has found that almost one in two people living in Cayman had experienced some form of stalking, while about two in five people had experienced sexual harassment.

The report, produced by a Young Business and Professional Women’s Club taskforce, is now available online at

The most common type of stalking experienced by respondents was being repeatedly pressured for dates or a romantic relationship when it was unwanted or uninvited, the taskforce said in a press release. The most common type of sexual harassment experienced by respondents was repeatedly being the target of sexually suggestive comments, gestures, or looks when they were unwanted or uninvited.

The taskforce is now completing an overview of existing protections afforded to victims of stalking and sexual harassment under local law, compared with legislation in place in 11 other jurisdictions including the Bahamas, Belize, Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The overview will culminate in a research report, to be released at the end of May. The findings of both reports will then be used to formulate legislative changes that will be presented to the Government by the end of August.

Taskforce member Natalie De Silva invited the public to visit the Protect Cayman website, which has recently been updated to include a comments section, sexual harassment and stalking articles, as well as a video documentary on sexual harassment and stalking in Cayman.