Iguana killings weren’t isolated

It appears that the shocking report of seven murdered Blue Iguanas is not an isolated incident as I witnessed a similar torture of a green Iguana over the weekend at the Royal Palms carpark.

I am deeply saddened and upset by this type of blatant disregard for the lives and well being for animals on this Island, which it appears, in many cases, is ignored.

I witnessed a father and his two sons torturing and trying to kill a large green iguana.

They caught the iguana by a wire around its neck and held up in the air strangling it by the wire.

I tried to stop them and pleaded with them to leave it alone but was met with nasty insulting remarks and comments.

They proceeded to tell me that they were going to eat it and I should leave them alone and mind my own business. The father then tried to stand on the head of the iguana and squash it.

Under the 1976 Animal Rights law, Iguanas are protected.

It does not specify or distinguish between the blue or green iguana.

Even if green Iguanas are not native to the Cayman Islands there is no excuse for animal cruelty on this level.

I am unsure how commonplace the killing of these wonderful creatures is but I think that it shows a deeper problem that an integral part of Cayman’s natural habitat can be so maliciously treated.

We need to have more animal rights or animal welfare laws in Cayman and a willingness of authorities to prosecute in such cases.

Rebecca Hinkley