Save all our children

The Wild Wild West, better known as West Bay on Grand Cayman has now become the Wild Wild West every Friday night.

If you a re not shot dead, you are shot at. What a mess.

On this little Island nestled in the Caribbean it is becoming very scary that most of young people are going to jail, have been in jail before or much, much worse; laying in a morgue waiting to be buried.

What are we as a community doing to help and prevent our young people from making these ill advised choices?

It seems that no one cares or has any respect for each other. The only time we acted lovingly and showed affection toward one another was during the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, We helped look out for each other, but as soon as we collected our insurance we became hateful again.

Again, I say, what are we doing to help our children?

When we were growing up we played with soldier crabs and marbles. We believe our children today should do the same. Get out of the darkness and come to the light; time has changed.

Today’s children are wiser and weaker. Let’s help them

The kids are born with their eyes open. They have a great amount of intellect and a vast storage of energy. If only CUC knew how to tap into that energy it could generate a cleaner electricity to assist with climate change and lower our monthly bills.

Today’s kids are more advanced.

Let our children become more involved in activities such as acting, arts, swimming, dancing, running, sports, boxing; whatever it takes.

We must stop complaining about the kids and help them help themselves.

We have got to stop helping to send our children to prison as if that is the answer.

If we don’t teach love and goodness, how can they reflect that?

Don’t we have eyes? Can’t we see we are giving them the opportunity to become hardened criminals?

Let us be a best friend to our children as this will keep us in the know. Talk to them about every and anything, even when it doesn’t seem important as one day it might be.

We as parents all say ‘my kid will never do that,’ but how do you know until it happens.

Maybe if we knew them we may have seen it coming and maybe even prevented it.

How well do you know your children? How many parents can say they know their child’s favourite colour? Get to know your child.

I think we need a bit of excitement in our lives and who better to bring excitement than our kids. Let’s stop being so tied down and enjoy them.

All we seem to do is pray, but we can pray until the cows come home and nothing will happen for them or us. God is smart and he gave us a brain, two hands, two legs and even if some of our body parts don’t work, we have family and so many friends. Prayer without work is sure to fail.

Our children are the greatest investment we have and they are the ones that will shape our community and these three beloved Islands in the years to come. Please continue to pray, but get up, get on board, use our brains, our hands, our feet and all the wonderful equipment God has so graciously given us to help save our youth.

Corinthia Bodden Wilson