Postcode change

Airport Post Office changed its post office boxes during the weekend and as a result the postcodes will change for 891 boxes.

The sections affected are KY1-1007 through to KY1-1011.

The Postmaster General has also taken this opportunity to add to the number of boxes because the new post office boxes are a little smaller than the previous boxes. The change at the Airport Post Office will allow for an additional 468 boxes, bringing the number of post office boxes for rent from 1,974 to 2,442.

The new postcode diagram for the Airport Post Office is:

KY1-1001: box numbers 10001-10120

KY1-1002: box numbers 10121-10240

KY1-1003: box numbers 10241-10360

KY1-1004: box numbers 10361-10480

KY1-1005: box numbers 10481-10600

KY1-1006: box numbers 10601-10720

KY1-1007: box numbers 10721-11056

KY1-1008: box numbers 11057-11452

KY1-1009: box numbers 11453-11848

KY1-1010: box numbers 11849-12244

KY1-1011: box numbers 12245-12442

‘The old boxes were seriously deteriorating due to rust and also becoming unsightly. So we decided to replace them,’ Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow explained.

‘The new boxes being installed are the same as those we currently use in other facilities. Time has shown that these boxes handle our salt-air environment much better,’ she said.

She noted that every country that has a postcode system has to make adjustments from time to time.

To mitigate customers’ inconvenience the Postal Service will be providing customers with 90 return-address labels so that they can update family, friends and companies that they deal with.

In addition the Postal Service has updated its website and sent all utilities companies the new list.