Kids rally to help cyclone victims

Year five students from Cayman Prep and High School found creative ways last Thursday to raise cash for the victims of Burma’s cyclone, raising a total of CI$570.63 in one afternoon.

cyclone victims

5L hold a book sale which was enthusiastically supported. Photo: Submitted

Class 5L held a book stall and a popsicle stall during their lunch hour (popsicles donated by Fosters Food Fair).

Five (very brave) boys in tutus performed a ‘ballet’ dance while two boys did acrobatics, while other class members collected donations from the audience.

After school, the children continued to sell books to parents collecting their children.

Class teacher Laura Tonner explains the background to the fundraising: ‘The R.E. topic for the students this term is ‘How do the beliefs of Christians affect their actions?’

Children are learning that ‘do unto others’ means actually helping out people in need, so we looked to Christian Aid, as an example of a pro-active Christian charity.

The class also watched a DVD of one of our class members, Amy Mobley, on a recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic, where she helped to plaster a hospital.’

Mrs Tonner says the children came up with their own ideas for fundraising and the afternoon’s activities was a result of all their input. Students made posters and donated books for the event.

Mrs Tonner added: ‘It was a very enjoyable day for all involved. The class can be proud of themselves!

‘This is a particularly pertinent cause for the children as most were on island during Hurricane Ivan, so they can, to a certain extent, empathise with those they are trying to help.’

Funds raised will be sent, via Christian Aid, to Burma to help survivors of the cyclone.