Rose swims, nabs $12k

Cancer survivor Rose Lewis raised CI$12,000 through competing in a sea swim recently.

Lewis was a competitor in the sixth annual Butterfield Bank 800m Sea Swim held Saturday, 17 May.

Lewis raised the money over three weeks to help fight cancer in Cayman. It has been donated to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

Lewis is a swim teacher.

Her finishing time was 20 minutes and 42 seconds.

As part of promotions for the event, sponsors were awarding a gift basket with some $300 worth of goodies to the person who came closest to guessing her finishing time. At press time, it was not clear who won the prize.

Lewis felt good about her performance saying, ‘I had the wind and sea behind me.’

Lewis, affectionately known by her swim students as Miss Rosie, said she is grateful for all of the public support.

‘I thank CIASA for being so supportive of me using their swims as my method of fundraising. I look forward to next year’s event with huge enthusiasm! I was very proud to have some of my friends swimming with me. Even a few of my students swam in the event for the first time. That was a great achievement for them and a great honour for me.’

As a cancer survivor, Miss Rosie knows that every bit of money helps in paying for treatment.

‘A lot of people do not realise that these funds will go straight back into the community to help patients and their families with the financial burden that cancer brings.

‘When you are facing a life threatening disease the last thing you want to worry about is how you will pay for the life saving treatment or indeed for some folks just how to get to Miami.

‘Three years ago I found myself in need and in receipt of some support from many people, including the Cancer Society, and I will never forget those times.

‘For me this is about putting back and saying thank you to everyone who rallied around me and my family then.’

Lewis remains humble from her bout with cancer and the public rallying behind her.

‘The amount I managed to raise says so much about the community here in Cayman. The sponsors and pledges came in forms of corporate sponsorship to a young five-year-old student turning up at the swimming pool with a bag of money from his piggy bank.

‘I feel very privileged to be in a position to be able to approach so many of my clients and friends and for their response to be so supportive. I cannot thank everyone enough for helping me make this a very special fundraiser.’