C&W reshapes its Caribbean business

Cable & Wireless has announced that it aims to build a single, pan-Caribbean telecoms provider that will deliver world-class products and customer service to the people of the Caribbean.

The move is driven by its wish to offer a more consistent set of services for all customers and to respond to competitive pressures, while capitalising on advances in technology, which enable the provision of faster, better and cheaper customer services.

The reshaped business will be focused on ensuring that Caribbean customers receive levels of customer service comparable with the very best telecoms operators in the world.

The Operating Principles of the new Pan-Caribbean Business will ensure that:

Commenting on the announcement Cable & Wireless Caribbean CEO Richard Dodd said ‘Delivering just enough is not good enough; customers in the Caribbean are sophisticated users of telecoms services and deserve the very best, that’s what we’ll deliver. By combining the skills, resources and vast experience we have across the region, we’ll create the first (and only) truly Caribbean telecoms company…an organisation that makes delivering a great customer experience its top priority.’