Drink more Caybrew

In response to the letter from Barefoot Man, may I add an observation as a visitor to this wonderful country of The Cayman Islands.

Last Wednesday I was in The Triple Crown watching the football match being played in Moscow between Man U and Chelsea.

While drinking my Caybrew, I noticed that a section of the crowd – not drinking Caybrew but instead some stronger beverages – were becoming rowdier and rowdier.

I also observed that the Caybrew drinkers were a lot more controlled and far better behaved. No-one fell off their horse, but one in the other crowd needed to be ‘hosed down’ by the barman, who clearly recognised that person was getting out of control.

My conclusion is that everyone should be drinking more Caybrew. I understand it’s a lager beer that’s produced locally, available in cans and bottles and the Cayman brewery donates money to the Red Cross from the savings they make from returned bottles.

Well done, Caybrew!

Simon Hastings