Gareau made a difference

The story about Canadian being the fifth homicide does not describe Marty Gareau.

Neither does the information that he was the separated father of three children who came to Cayman about four years ago after his family farm encountered some financial problems.

Marty came to Cayman to help out with the rebuilding of the island after Hurricane Ivan.

Help out is not sufficient to describe the actions of a man with a heart bigger than the prairies he came from.

It was gold like the wheat in the fall.

Marty was a man who thought of others before he thought of himself. A man who regarded the men he worked with as friends. Many in turn regarded him as family, the father or brother they never had. A man who would give you the shirt off his back or open his door to you in a time of need. He was a humble man with a quiet demeanour, a huge smile and a trusting nature.

He continued to have faith in humanity even when it seemed that this was an unfounded faith.

Was this why he became a victim, the fifth homicide to happen in his paradise, the island he called home?

Did he open his door to the wrong person, someone who was not content with the shirt off his back unless it was taken by force? Did he feel fear, betrayal? We may never know, but someone does.

Someone deprived Marty’s children of a father.

Others were deprived of a brother, a son, a cousin, a friend. Would he have been any less selfless, less generous had he know his life would have been taken in such a brutal way?

I think not.

His beliefs and his faith would not have allowed him to act any different or treat people with anything less than total belief in the goodness of his fellow man. Marty was a friend and the void that remains is one that will take someone enormous to even begin to fill. I implore the people who know who did this to please come forward.

Marty deserves this much at the very least.

There is a brighter star in the Caribbean sky tonight.

Let us hope and pray that the light Marty effused was not snuffed out by this brutal cowardly act but will continue to shine and be even brighter, an example of what it is to live a life where in the end, you made a difference.

Ruth Dixon – Cambridge, Ontario, Canada