Dance video disgusting

Recently I was sent a You Tube link by someone telling me to watch a video that took place in Cayman in April 2008 at one of our street dances.

I cannot begin to explain how horrified I was to see two young teenage girls dancing with adult men in such a provocative way. I am sure that any movie critic would describe this video as something along the lines of pornography with clothes on.

I understand that certain types of dancing are more provocative than others but I am struggling to understand how this is allowed to happen in public when two men kissing each other is so strongly frowned upon.

I have talked with many people about the incident at Royal Palms and although I do not have a problem with it whatsoever, I understand the Christian beliefs that this island holds and have to respect them.

What I can’t understand though, is why such a small display of affection between two persons of the same gender on the dance floor at Royal Palms became such a huge issue, yet no one has anything to say about dancing in an overly provocative manner.

I just find that sometimes this island can be very hypocritical.

If it’s not seen fit for homosexuals to display affection in public, then I don’t see how people can stand to sit back and watch a group of people practically having intercourse on the dance floor or in this case, out on the streets.

Shouldn’t it be a case of everything or nothing goes?

Natalie Oliver

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