Taking issue with editorial

I refer to your editorial of Tuesday, 27 May, of the Caymanian Compass, titled ‘Politics as usual.’

By all accounts it appears as though the Caymanian Compass has taken on the PPM Government as a project and seems determined to continually project the elected government negatively.

Perhaps your understanding of the political process in the Cayman Islands and the historical legacy of the debates in response to the Throne Speech is some what limited.

Debate on the Throne Speech has always been one of the times that elected members are given wide latitude to debate on anything political.

In recent years the Leader of Government delivers a Policy Statement at the same time.

What seemed to have completely escaped your pen is the fact that the tone for political bashing was soundly established by the Leader of the Opposition and one of his members.

As a matter of duty and for the edification of our constituents we must refute accusations and correct misleading statements made on the floor of the house.

The Legislative Assembly is the house of politics and will have its periods of acrimony. Personally I would prefer to see a lot less of the personal attacks and more of getting on with the business at hand.

Politics being politics I have my doubts about any improvements in that area any time soon.

I am disheartened at the apparent lack of objective journalism and balanced reporting being displayed by the Caymanian Compass in recent times. I notice with interest in the same editorial your attempt to give the Leader of the Opposition credit for burying the hatchet so to speak. Yet you neglected to point out his contribution to the political bashing in the first place.

You appear to have taken a tit-for-tat attitude that if the other daily newspaper gives the government a favourable editorial or a positive column that it is your duty to do the opposite.

I can only hope that your well established Caymanian business is more objective than that. It must be your duty to report the facts and not make unnecessary efforts to put a negative slant on the majority of things the Government does or says. We are not asking you to favour us or even try to make us look good. Just report the facts with some balance in the opinions proffered.

That last paragraph of the same editorial you wrote. ‘Perhaps the most ridiculous thing uttered during the budget debate came from George Town MLA Alfonso Wright who said the PPM Cabinet Ministers were some of the best statesmen this country has ever seen”

Are you so hell bent on finding fault with the PPM members of Government and then relaying that to the general public that you begin to see exactly what you want to see?

What I did say was “One of the greatest statesmen this Country has ever seen, is our current Minister for Health; he stands tall and strong among the best of them.’

Was this a genuine error or ‘Politics as usual?

W. Alfonso Wright – MLA 4th Elected Member for George Town

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