Saturday Nite Live goes ahead despite rain

Despite inclement weather and a new venue, the scheduled Saturday Nite Live concert went ahead without a hitch.

With headline acts Sean Kingston and Turbulence, fans congregated on Cardinal Avenue to see the two stars take to the stage.

Local acts, Ali B, Stuart Wilson, Glamaton, Big J and Hit Depot warmed up the crowd suitably prior to the headline acts.

Turbulence, donning dark sunglasses, hit the stage for a lively, although short, 30-minute set. With the Rastafarian flag waved on stage continuously, the veteran Jamaican reggae singer performed a crowd pleasing set.

Bursting on stage at just past 10.30pm, singer, songwriter and rapper Sean Kingston dressed relatively low key for the event, with jeans, polo shirt and a splattering of bling.

The singer ploughed through many of his popular hits including Beautiful Girls, Take You There and Love Like This. Occasionally the backing track was cut and Kingston sung solo, the uniqueness of his voice, which has propelled the singer to success, audible to all.

Although the singer’s set was short – just 40-minutes – youngsters whooped in delight and crammed to get to the front of stage.

At the age of 18-years-old, Sean Kingston has garnered remarkable success in a short space of time. Predominantly raised in Kingston, Jamaica, his stage name pays homage to the Jamaican city that he considers his hometown. He recently debuted his new release with Phil Collins reflecting his love and appreciation for older music icons.

The young star was performing in Cayman for the first time and next follows a tour across Canada, work on a new album and a reality show.

‘We were thrilled with the turnout – it was great to see that the rain did not keep eager concert-goers away,’ said Phil Vinciullo, dms Broadcasting’s network promotions and marketing manager. ‘It was inspiring that, in spite of dismal weather conditions, the fans were still out in full force ready for a night of fun and celebration.’

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