Give it a rest

Here we go again!

People are all abuzz about this video that was on, and are having various levels of seizures island-wide.

If people were so concerned about today’s generation and what we call entertainment you could have just gone to a local club on a Saturday night!

I am so sick of Caymanian people being such hypocrites and all over something that has been going on for years.

We keep talking about Cayman culture and when the time came for our elected officials to make a stand and implement more emphasis on our dwindling culture at our schools, nothing happened except talk.

We are a Caribbean Island whether you choose to accept it or not and as such, we, my generation, have adopted cultures from all over the world including our own neighbourhood.

Yes, the dancing can be quite vulgar, lewd and just downright crazy and that’s all it is, dancing.

Being a part of the Caribbean, we have expressed ourselves through music and dance ever since we were founded and our self expression has changed drastically through the years as can be plainly seen.

Everyone says we are influenced by outside countries and yes we are but we still choose what influences become trends and which go.

Are our officials contemplating a society like Cuba where we have to ask if something is indeed allowed or OK according to their beliefs and not have to consider whether or not we the individuals choose to do that particular thing?

If so please give me advance warning so that I may evacuate.

You want something to complain or gripe about:
1.) Find out why the smoking ban has not been passed yet,
2.) Listen to one of the sessions at the LA
3.) Find out why someone like Pilar Bush, who did the right thing by apologising for any misunderstandings and explaining we are not a hateful people, is not still the head of DoT.
4.) Find out why an MLA, who lied blatantly about stealing and was found guilty of said crime, is still an honourable member of the LA.
5.) Figure out how there are people in our society like Brian Rankine who were not getting the help and aid that they need,
6.) Question why the young people have chosen to embrace cultures of the world instead of their own Caymanian way of life.

I have my own opinion on why the youth are the way they are but I can only speak for myself so here is my view on that video:

I am a partygoer and what I saw was by no means strange or different from what I have seen at any party or club in Cayman for the last three or four years (except new dances drop everyday).

I think that what was represented on that video was a true portrayal of the dances that you would see in many Caribbean islands in this day and age and in places where they embrace the Caribbean way of life, like in Japan.

I am sorry that Cayman people choose to be so offended over something that does not portray us, the Cayman Islands, in a bad light at all compared to everything else going on our little rock of paradise!

Does anyone think the showing of this video is worse than what goes on in the streets of Cayman on a daily basis in terms of poverty, drug use, domestic violence, child abuse or any other evil?

Does anyone think our dancing will affect the Cayman Islands more than the new constitution?

Does anyone think that the dancing that has been adopted by the majority of Caribbean youth will have more of an effect on our young people than the loss of our true culture, the death of our Blue Iguanas?

If it does it’s because we as a people place emphasis and importance on things that have been a way of life for almost half if not the majority of Cayman’s youth for quite a while and the only people that can change it is us, the young people that choose to participate.

Sheredan Bodden

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