Stop blame game

Let me first comment, that in no way am I condoning the behaviour displayed in the infamous YouTube video.

What I fail to understand though is why everyone is acting so surprised!!

The same dances shown in the video are the same dances done in night clubs, and at sessions, and even carnival to standing ovation and applause. I think its a little naive for us to pretend that these kinds of things do not happen in Cayman. In addition what I found most degrading and disrespectful was the comments that followed the video…..saying the dancers ‘have to be Jamaican….they can’t be Caymanian – and if so by paper’; among other slews of comments about the Jamaican people and how they behave in public.

When is this foolishness going to stop? When are we going to have the courage to dismantle the facade that we exist in a picture-perfect haven of wholesomeness? When are we going to finally decide that it is time to face our problems together as a society and stop segregating and blaming each other for everything that goes wrong?

Instead of constantly playing the blame-game and judging other people, some of us should take the higher road and seek to find solutions, and give advice. After all, it’s about time!

Ann Wilson

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