Hockey continues to flourish

Thanks to islandwide community and corporate partnerships, King’s has developed two roller hockey leagues in the youth and adult programmes.

After last week’s thrilling action, King’s expects both leagues to grow even more.

Heart-pounding action on Friday 30 May saw the second Inter-School game. That was followed the next day by the first ever girls match and culminated on Tuesday with the battle for the Cherry Cup in the Adult Roller Hockey League.

The introduction of the Inter-School games has exposed the sport to several hundred fans. Friday’s match proved that fact as St. Ignatius arrived with 150 roaring kids to support their squad in a 3-1 win over Cayman Prep.

Jacob Whewell, son of St. Ignatius Coach and School Administrator Glenn Whewell, was ecstatic about the game.

‘It was really fun to play in our first school hockey game. It was exciting to score my first ever goal in hockey.’

Although defeated, the Prep team was still exuberant in their statements. Among them was defenseman Michael Boucher.

‘It was a tough game but I had lots of fun with my friends.’

The second wave of excitement came shortly thereafter. The Apec Unicorns, an All-Girls team, took to the rink against the Under-6 Maples & Calder Lightning. Headed by Coach Dave Champoux the squad showed their might by holding the more experienced boys’ team to a mere five goals.

Rookie goalie Cari Nelson did a good job in net for the Unicorns with 22 saves.

Unicorn players Sarah Jackson and Jayde Solomon said they plan to beat the boys next time.

‘I had a lot of fun in my first game, especially when I took the ball away from the boys. All we have to do is practice more and we will beat the boys next time.’

Capping off five days of hockey excitement at King’s was the Men’s Roller Hockey League finals. Two teams fought it out in a best-of-three series for the prized Cherry Cup.

Alba High Rollers earning the title of season champion. Team captain Darryl Hather felt the victory made previous heartaches in the finals go away.

‘I think it’s a real compliment to our team to go from being in last place for the majority of the season to ending the season as champions.

‘It’s been tough being in the finals three times and not winning it all. It felt extra special to hold the Cherry Cup over our heads. Thanks to Alba Special Systems for your support throughout the year. We’re looking forward to defending the title this fall.’

The opposition team captain Jeff Danter had much praise for the Championships.

‘I thought our guys had one of the best outings of the year. The score did not indicate how close the game was as we must have had 60+ shots on their goalie. Now that I think about it, he looked a lot like Marc-Andre Fleury [of the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins]. Congrats to Alba on a great finish to the season and thanks to Elite Marble & Granite for their generous sponsorship of our team this past season.’

For more information about roller hockey at King’s Sports Centre please contact Ray Singh at [email protected] or 946-5464.