Government should step in

How very pleased I was to read that the MLA debated and passed a motion brought by Mr. McKeeva Bush in response to the YouTube video showing those who engaged in simulating sex at a street dance in George Town.

No one has any right whatsoever to conduct themselves in such an indecent, lewd and vulgar manner in public in any way, shape or form. However, it is much worse and most intolerable when youngsters in their mid-teens and younger are involved, as this might be an inspiration for their peers to behave likewise.

We live in an age where morals and Cayman’s Christian values and principles are considered old fashion stuff by a small minority and don’t fit the mould of the 21st Century.

Some may ask why the government should intervene in this situation when there are more important matters for it to address.

I beg to disagree with that type of thinking.

Government has every right, especially since some people cannot distinguish between what is decent and what is indecent. Also, we must consider that Cayman has a tourism-based economy and such outrageous public display of lewdness by a few could effectively turn off some visitors.

Furthermore, I sincerely believe that the vast majority of Caymanians strongly oppose such public indecency.

I think that one of the strong motivating forces for this indecency is to get it on YouTube, where it would attract the attention of huge numbers of Internet viewers both here in the USA and around the world.

I trust that the timely and necessary action by the MLA will send a strong signal to all concerned that government has a serious obligation to take the appropriate steps to prevent any recurrence of this nature.

Geoffrey Daniels

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