Sustainable energy

I understand that electricity prices will increase as the price of oil increases.

Yes, customers can conserve energy. However when our only source of energy is derived from oil, inevitably the prices will continue to rise no matter what the customers do.

I know this topic is about as heavy as our constitution, but I believe CUC and Government need to be more proactive in ensuring the sustainability of the country.

When the oil prices exceed realistic affordability, will the country be prepared?

Outside of conservation, we customers are given limited options.

I believe the installation of solar panels is financially out of reach for many homeowners.

I, as a renter, don’t even have that option.

Yet I would love to have the ability to choose energy from a sustainable source. I would love to have my buildings designed to fully benefit from the winds. But these things are out of my control.

Colleen Stoetzel

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