What is the age limit?

I would just like to make my comments on Government debating the lewd video to say that if government thinks this is the first time this has happened then it is wrong.

It’s only that it’s the first time being caught on video. Back in my days when we had Batabano and Pirates Week parades we were allowed to stay out until a reasonable time made by our parents.

Our MLA Mr. Mclean made a comment saying that ‘whoever put on the dance where the YouTube event took place should be prosecuted for letting children in’.

Mr. McLean needs to remember that this is an open event and not a closed event so children of any age are normally out there. Some of the parents for these said children are right there watching them behave in this manner, so who are you to blame?

Who are you going to prosecute then? The parents are to be blamed as they allow their children to be on the road at that time of night.

My question to the MLA’s is do we have an age limit for these kinds of open events that has been taking place for the past 25 yrs?

I have seen government officials behaving outrageous as well but just that they weren’t caught on video.

I am not saying that what theses children did was right, but what we need to realise that if the girls didn’t want the guys to do this to them they would not continue to participate in the acts.

These young men are younger than 21 as they are well known to me and this is how they behave in the clubs too but not in that lewd attitude.

This is what happens in Jamaica dancehall and tourist are even taking part in the partying as well so if government is worried about this affecting tourism then you’re going a bit too far.

As for our country it’s only when something goes wrong you hear people talking about God; you’ll need to stop it. Pray to God all the time and not only when disaster or something else affects Cayman.

It’s the sin of the people why things happen to Cayman.

Teresa Owen

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