They’ve had a Special time

Special Olympics athletes marked the 20th anniversary of their Annual Week of Awareness and competition around the island this week.

Each evening there has been a Special Olympics activity, starting with a church event on Sunday and walk-run on Monday at the North Sound golf course. It was all done in good humour but there was always a competitive edge even with athletes on Zimmer frames.

One of the first ones home in the walk-run was Krishna Raju who was a distance ahead of anyone else in the half mile event. There was even a torch beside him to signify athletic status.

On Tuesday it was aquatics at the Lion’s pool. Some merely walked across but others who could swim, did. Of course, the two Special Olympics gold medallist swimmers, Andrew Smiley and Waide McLaughlin, were in their element.

Yesterday, it was bogge, a form of bowls, at George Hicks High School and today it will be various basketball events at the Baptist Church, opposite the Lions Centre. Tomorrow is a wrap up with families, friends and helpers.

Eric Crutchley, Chairman of the Special Olympics Cayman Islands, said at the walk-run: ‘We started off with this event today. It was the official start of the week although we had a church service out at Church of God, Universal in East End yesterday.

‘The church was packed. It was really tremendous. The church laid on lunch for everybody afterwards.

‘Depending on the capabilities of the athletes, they did a walk or a run at varying distances.

‘Coach Jerry Harper took everyone’s time. So when we go inside they’ll be medals.

‘These events were arranged to make people more aware of the challenges that a number of the athletes experience and what they contend with and just showing their own prowess.’

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