CAL Reservations Centre at your call

Having grown and become much more technologically advanced in the nearly 40 years that Cayman Airways has been in existence, the Reservations Department is still the front line of customer service.


Ticket agent Stefanie Ebanks helps customer Olav Monteith at the City Ticket Office. Photo: Cliodhna Doherty

‘We’re the nerve centre,’ explained Manager of the Reservations and City Ticket Office Martha Forbes.

The Reservations Centre handles incoming calls for reservations for Cayman Airways while the City Ticket office is a walk-in reservations office where agents greet customers face to face.

‘A day in the life of a reservations or city ticket office agent is busy,’ explained Senior Travel Consultant with Cayman Airways, Tina Ringrose. ‘The phones are constantly ringing and have to be answered, correct information given, information taken in. In the ticket office you have to help the customers as soon as they walk in, or at least try to.’

Attributes of Reservations or City Ticket Office agents would be a good personality, a lot of patience, good customer service and knowing fares and markets on offer, said Ms Ringrose.

‘You have different situations to deal with. You have irate clients, people going on vacation, so you need to be able to deal with all of them,’ she explained.

Ms Ringrose has seen many changes in her time with the national airline, having been working with them on and off for 21 years, having first started there at age 17 in December 1978.

‘I would have to say the biggest change is going from handwriting reservations on index cards and telexing them to Miami for confirmation, to computers.’

Also, going from two aircraft to seven (which was the most at any one time) and the general growth of the airline has been a huge change. ‘We’re finally in our own headquarters. Before the offices were spread out. The company has grown a lot over the years and to have everyone underneath one roof is just amazing, because you have so many staff.’

Ms Ringrose began with the Reservations Department. ‘At that time I think there were five agents that answered phones in the back. The Ticket Office had three agents to deal with walk-in customers and two people operating the telex.’

She worked in the Reservations Department on the phone.

The Reservations Centre, which handles incoming phone reservations, has 10 staff members and three supervisors. There are also two manual agents who call clients to advise of flight delays and schedule changes.

The City Ticket Office has 10 staff members and one supervisor.

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