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The Cayman Islands Sailing Club and the National Sailing Centre will once again run their popular summer camps in July and August 2008 and this year there will be more of a focus on environmental awareness.

The sailing camps cover a range of abilities from beginner to advanced levels and cover basic sailing skills through to and racing skills, as well as teaching sailing safety and other water-related activities.

There are four camps. Each camp runs for two consecutive weeks from Monday to Friday (9am-4pm) and they are open to all ages between five and 8 years.

The dates are as follows:

Camp #1: June 30-July 11

Camp #2: July 14-25

Camp #3: August 4-15

Camp #4: August 18-29

The camps stress skill progression within a fun atmosphere. Besides classroom and practical ‘on the water’ lessons, the students play games, race each other and go on various sailing trips around the North Sound.

Garth Griffiths, popular summer camps head instructor since 2004, said: ‘The summer camps are our most important sail training programmes of the year. The two weeks of sailing time allows the children to make considerable gains in their sailing.’ Mr Griffiths continues, ‘As an example, all of the members of the Cayman Islands youth racing team, who will be competing at the international level in the British Virgin Islands this July, are graduates of previous summer camps.’

This year the sailing classes will be taught in smaller groups as the Sailing Club now employs more coaching staff, thus ensuring better one-on-one instruction and increased safety for the younger children.

Additionally, and new for 2008 is an initiative called ‘Another Green Summer,’ which is designed to teach the kids more about environmental awareness and healthy living. Among a long list of environmentally friendly rules, camp participants will be limited to bringing refillable water bottles, encouraged to eat more healthily and instructors will increase their time coaching from sailboats rather than gasoline-burning motor boats.

‘Sailing is all about harnessing the Earth’s natural forces of wind and water’ said Mr. Griffiths, ‘and by introducing some environmental guidelines this year we are trying to help educate the kids about the importance of preserving some of the Earth’s resources so that we can all live more healthy and fulfilling lives.

The cost of each two-week camp is CI$600 for non-members of CISC and CI$500 for members and lunches will be available from the Brick House, the recently opened restaurant in Red Bay.

For more information or to register, please contact Heather Bradley at 947-7913 or [email protected]. Details can be found at and the new summer sailing camp website

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