Reid’s passion has kids kicking it all over

Karate’s popularity continues to mushroom in Cayman judging by the number of people taking it up with various clubs.

Purple Dragon have an international tournament here next month and the Cayman Associated Schools of Karate-Doh had grading sessions for children and adults last week.

The CASK is based at the King’s Sports Centre. It held its first adult belt testing, and second youth graduation of the year.

CASK teaches the Wado style of karate and discipline is a high priority in its training programme.

CASK instructor Sensei Greg Reid oversaw the adult grading last Thursday.

He said: ‘It was good grading tonight. All the adults have been working very hard. We have a lot of new people in this school.

‘We now have about 30 adults training consistently. This was our first adult grading of the year and we had people testing white to yellow, yellow to orange, orange to green, green to blue and blue to brown. It was a great night. Very intensive workout.

‘This group is likely to be graded again in November. We have a floating grading for people who started late in the year.’

Some of the younger members have exceptional ability for their age. One of them is Ashley Scaletta who is already a black belt at 12 and was one of the grading assessors last week. Her mother Jane, is a karate instructor at the club.

Some club members will be going to Canada to compete in November.

‘Right now we’re working with the youth programme to standardise that,’ added Reid. ‘We have the programme working very successfully at King’s with about 60 kids and we have another 25 at Bodden Town and at Northside Primary School another 25-30.

‘I’m hoping to start in West Bay next year and eventually hope to have about 200 children throughout the entire island training and getting national competition in the future.’

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