Campbells gives kids vacation

Most of us in Cayman take vacation off-island as a given, but not so the foster children under the care of the National Council of Voluntary Organisations.


Campbells partner Ross McDonough, NCVO CEO Janice Wilson and Campbells partner Shaun McCann.
Photo: Submitted

Some of the 10 children in care at the NCVO’s Nadine Andreas Foster Home have never been abroad, so plans to take them to Cuba in August have been met with much excitement by the children, who range in age from four up to 15 years old.

But vacations do not come cheap.

The NCVO has a target of $12,000 to raise, which will not only cover the cost of the Cuba trip, but also permit children to attend summer camps across the island as well, giving them a welcome break from a long summer spent at the home.

Recently, the partners at Campbells Attorneys-at-law stepped up to the plate and were happy to donate a cheque of $2,500 toward this worthy cause.

Partner Shaun McCann said: ‘Most of the partners at Campbells have children and we generally take it for granted that we will enjoy a family holiday abroad each year. We felt the NCVO’s mission to take their ten foster children abroad for the first time to Cuba was important that we were delighted to donate funds and help them in their cause.’

Janice Wilson is the NCVO’s chief executive officer and says the children will really benefit from their trip: ‘Some of the children have been learning Spanish in school and are excited about practicing this in Cuba. For most of the children it is their first trip abroad and there is naturally a real buzz about the home.’

Funds raised will also cover the cost of the trip for three staff members to accompany the children on their trip.

Janice says that the NCVO would be delighted to accept donations from other firms who may like to follow Campbells’ lead to make up the shortfall, however there is a safety net, as she explains, ‘The NCVO have generously offered to make up the remainder if no other firms are forthcoming. Although we would dearly love the remaining cash to be given via generous donations such as Campbells, the children will have a holiday no matter what.’

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