Bird sanctuary expanded

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands has expanded the Governor Gore Bird Sanctuary in Spotts-Newlands with the purchase of one additional parcel of land and a management agreement for another.

The arrangement expands the present reserve by almost 1 acre but is still the smallest of the Trust’s wildlife reserves at just under three acres.

‘This is a small property, but the value of these fresh water wetlands cannot be over-stated,’ said Trust GM Frank Roulstone.

This became even more apparent when Field Officer Paul Watler discovered the rare Grand Cayman Water Snake at the pond. This elusive species lives in fresh-water habitats preying on fish. It is closely related to a Cuban species and together they are the only representatives of the genus in the Caribbean.

The benefits of the pond as a watering stop for native and migrating birds, has already been well documented.

The Trust will now begin the process of replacing fencing, creating a boardwalk and planting native trees around the property.

Most of the work will be done with the help of corporate groups and community organizations but funds will have to be raised for the required materials.

‘We are appreciative of any assistance offered by the community and hope to commence the first stages in the coming weeks,’ said Paul Watler of the Trust. Call the Trust at 949-0121 if you are able to help in any way.