Butterfield Bank supports Triple C

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited recently donated $10,000 to Triple C School toward the development of their new Foreign Language Lab.

Triple C has been diligently raising the funds needed to complete the project, which is set to open in September for their new school year.

The versatile foreign language lab will have many capabilities that will support the schools requirement to learn a second language. Grades 1 – 12 classes in the new language lab will be instructed with teachers and students using a mini-computer, headset and microphone allowing for full concentration from students.

Students will also be able to digitally record their voice speaking in the target language, thus helping them perfect their pronunciation.

It will also be used for English as a second language instruction for students (and hopefully for adults in an evening program) and for students at an advanced level of Spanish. We are so thankful for the very significant investment that Butterfield Bank has made in achieving this goal of learning a second language.’

For information on how you can contribute to the project please contact Mrs. Ebanks at the school – 949-6022.

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