Business presentation on Brac Thursday

Government’s investment promotion agency, the Investment Bureau, is partnering with law firm Bodden & Bodden for a special workshop in the Sister Islands on Business Laws and Regulations.

Taking place on Thursday at the UCCI Building in Stake Bay, Cayman Brac, the presentation covers topics such as shareholder agreements, work permit requirements and types of companies. How to process applications will also be outlined, as will aspects of the Labour Law and other company formation details, including related fees.

Executive Director of the Investment Bureau Dax Basdeo, says this initiative aims to address the legal questions and concerns business owners in the Sister Islands face.

“The legal aspects of starting and running a business in Cayman has always been one of the most daunting concerns for local entrepreneurs, especially in the Sister Islands where resources and assistance have historically been limited,’ he said. ‘We’re always pleased to partner with local experts like the lawyers at Bodden & Bodden to help us walk small business owners through the legal processes of business ownership.’

Lynn Bodden, a partner at Bodden & Bodden, comments: ‘Bodden & Bodden is proud to be a part of the Brac community and partner with the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau to provide assistance to local entrepreneurs,’ she said. ‘This is an opportunity to work with the Sister Islands office of the Bureau to share our combined expertise.’

Bodden and Bodden opened its Sister Islands office in the Avi-Star Plaza across from the airport in West End on 15 March this year. The Investment Bureau’s opening of its Sister Islands office followed shortly after on April 1st at the new UCCI campus in Stake Bay.

For details and to register call Lolita Bodden at the Investment Bureau’s Brac office on 948-2400 or email [email protected]