Learn Spanish from new tutoring company

Cayman Islands’ residents are getting the chance to learn Spanish in the classic Castilian style from a new tutoring company.

With more than 400 million native speakers, Spanish is the most popular second language requested by potential speakers, said a press release. Now residents of the Cayman Islands have the opportunity to learn to speak Spanish with a classic Castilian accent from Sandra Gomez Parra, owner of Habla (Cayman) Ltd.

Ms Gomez is from Barcelona, Spain and is a certified specialist Spanish tutor from The University of Barcelona. Following earning her degree in Hotel Management, she lived in Spain, the U.S., Chile, Portugal and the Cayman Islands. As a Human Resources professional with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC for 11 years, she both trained and managed Spanish speaking ladies and gentlemen. Since moving to Cayman in 2004, she recognised a growing demand in the market for instruction in both written and spoken Spanish, particularly with a classic Castilian accent.

Habla employs the common European frame (Marco ComĂșn Europeo de Referencia or MCER), the most modern process available. ‘This intuitive instructional style allows students without a natural ear for languages to see rapid progress,’ said Ms Gomez. ‘This results in a refreshing way of learning for students of all ages.’

In courses for children ages 6 – 11, students begin to learn Spanish in a playful and progressive manner through listening exercises, interacting, drawing and singing. Classes for adolescents and teenagers focus heavily on conversation and class participation. Progressive instruction for adults activates students’ existing skills and vocabulary in real life situations. As students advance, they train with grammar and learn to solve problems, negotiate and exchange information.

Habla offers training in students’ homes and instruction for individuals, couples and groups. Costs start at CI$30 per hour for group instruction. Habla also offers professional translation services as well as custom designed courses for companies which have specific business needs requiring proficiency in Spanish.

Contact Habla at 947-6784 or www.habla.ky for more information.

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