Woman fined for kicking officer

A woman who kicked an officer in the forehead while resisting arrest was fined $350 for the offence of assault causing actual bodily harm.

With assistance from an interpreter of the Spanish language, Maria Elisa Quintero-Reyes pleaded guilty in Summary Court on Tuesday. She also pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and two charges of failing to give a specimen of breath.

After hearing from the prosecution and the defendant, Magistrate Grace Donalds imposed the $350 fine, plus $250 for resisting arrest plus $350 for failing to give a specimen of breath, for a total of $950. Reyes, 39, was also disqualified from driving for 12 months.

Crown Counsel Alister Cumming said the incident occurred in the early hours of 3 November 2007. Shortly after 5am police were informed that a possibly intoxicated woman had left a West Bay Road resort and was driving.

A police officer saw the vehicle described and stopped it on North Church Street. As he approached the vehicle he could smell alcohol. The officer told the woman, Reyes, why she had been stopped and he asked her to get out of the car.

She refused. Her speech was slurred and her head was rocking side to side. She was told she was being arrested on suspicion of driving whilst intoxicated. On being cautioned, she replied ‘I didn’t do anything.’

She was again asked to exit the vehicle, but refused. She was asked to give a specimen of breath, but refused. Another officer attended the scene to assist. Reyes climbed into the passenger seat of the vehicle and refused to come out.

Reyes was lifted out of the vehicle, but resisted being put into the police car. It was during this time she kicked the officer. She was wearing high heels and the kick caused swelling above his eye.

At the police station the sergeant in charge requested a breath specimen. She replied ‘I nah blowing, if I blow same thing.’

When cautioned for refusing, she replied ‘Excuse, me, why you bring me here?’

Before passing sentence, the magistrate asked if Reyes had anything to say. Through the interpreter she said ‘I am sorry, but the police were treating me a bit rough and that’s why I refused.’

The magistrate asked about her status on the island and was told Reyes has Caymanian status. She was not working at present; she had just returned from Colombia.

Told the total of her fines, she said she would pay it that day.