Children learn personal safety tips

Summer holidays pose risks

Young children throughout the Cayman Islands are being given personal safety tips and advice in the run up to the summer vacation thanks to a Royal Cayman Islands Police Service education programme.

The programme is being administered in all Primary Schools before they break up for the summer holiday and covers topics such as stranger awareness, safety in the home (such as answering the door), road safety and safety when traveling.

‘This is the ideal time to carry out this sort of education,’ said PC Cornelius Pompey who is leading the classes. ‘We want children to stay as safe as they can over the summer and this is one way we are helping them to do that.’

The programme was first launched in 2006 at Prospect Primary School after it was identified that many children were traveling abroad and had not been formally educated on stranger awareness issues. The programme was then expanded to include other personal safety messages and rolled out to all schools.

The 2008 programme, which began 23 June, is targeted at years 1, 2 and 3 and takes the format of a classroom discussion using flip charts and visual aids and ends with a DVD presentation on stranger safety.

This year sees a new addition to the programme. PC Pompey has extended the initiative to include churches and will be leading classes during the summer holiday vacation Bible school programme.

‘This has additional benefits as children from other countries are likely to be spending their holidays with friends and family here,’ he said.

This year PC Pompey is being assisted by PC Teekel Cowan. PC Cowan says the programme has been a great success so far with children displaying high levels of interest and understanding.

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