Dragons will be slamming

Celebrated Cayman karate club Purple Dragon hold their Grand Slam tomorrow. It promises to be one of the martial arts highlights of the year.

purple dragon

Hislop (left) and Baptiste organised Grand Slam.
Photo: Ron Shillingford

Over 200 competitors from numerous countries will be competing at the Westin Resort and Spa.

Team Cayman will face off against teams from the US, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, Dominica, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Brazil, plus others who are late in confirming.

This year’s Grand Slam Karate Championships offers more than 100 divisions including open forms, sparring, team sparring and the thrilling team demonstration categories.

At the last Grand Slam, held in Canada, Cayman did extremely well. They won six gold medals, six silver and seven bronzes.

Organised by Senseis Geddes Hislop and Floyd Baptiste, it should be a wonderful exhibition of karate.

Hislop said: ‘The Grand Slam has been going for two decades and we bid for it the last time and have got an overwhelming response from the sponsors.

‘Martial arts has so many aspects, including learning about your limitations. It should be a great event.’

Sensei Antonio Thompson said: ‘Martial arts has helped me keep in the right direction in life. The discipline involved helps people become role models. This should be a fantastic event.’

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