Bodden Town had perfect season

Bodden Town Football Club have plenty to cheer about after a historic double.

Bodden Town Under-18s

Bodden Town Under-18s were undefeated
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They retained their title in the 2008 Cayman Islands Football Association Under18 FA Cup competition by defeating Elite 2-1 at the final held recently at the North Side playing field.

This marks the second consecutive season that Bodden Town has copped this title and had an unbeaten run throughout the season in both the FA Cup and the league competition.

Bodden Town took three titles, the third one being the Under 16 league title undefeated as well making it complete Bodden Town’s triple for this second season.

The champions who had beaten Elite 8-1 in the league competition came into the game quite confident but had to hold their defense line like a tightrope as Elite came all out to take at least one title for this season.

In the fourth minute Bodden Town went ahead with a goal from Gerome Graham. Elite wasted no time in taking over the game going forward with good intentions.

Cordel Andrade picked up a ball and fired it at goal. The ball was pushed out by keeper Ramon Sealy, Andrew Jackson in his eagerness to clear the ball from his area headed it past Sealy into the net in the 20th minute.

The game could have gone either way after this as both teams battled desperately for the clincher for the rest of the first half which remained 1-1.

At the start of the second half it was evident that both coaches Gregg Ebanks (Elite) and Elbert McLean were serious about this game and wanted to please the packed stadium.

This half kept the spectators on the edge of their seats as the teams battled to get the clincher. Both teams demonstrated a defense line like never before holding off and going forward when necessary.

In the 58th minute Arvid Harris made a breakthrough and netted to ease the tension for Bodden Town. This only created a bigger monster in the Elite team as they took over the game for over 30 minutes attacking Bodden Town from all angles.

Sealy could not rest as he had it coming to him every time he was like a windshield wiper in goal going left, right, up and down to save his team from losing the game.

Bodden Town got a chance to score again when they were awarded a penalty which was taken by Charlo Mclean only to be saved by the man of the match James Josephs.

The game continued with Elite trying their best to equalize but the sound of the final whistle ended the game 2-1.

The champions plunged into the finals with a 7-0 victory over East End while Elite had to dig deep to oust their neighbours Future SC from the final after both teams played to a 0-0 score line at half time. Elite got the clincher after trying extremely hard.

Elbert McLean expressed how proud he was of the teams adding that the efforts of the coaching and management team had certainly bore fruits.

He said: ‘We won the title in two consecutive seasons in both FA Cup and the League Under-18 and Under-16 league competition to complete a triple this season.

‘This clearly shows that Bodden Town is doing a great job in developing the youngsters in this global sport. This final was extremely competitive. The defense lines showed great potentials and it was the goalkeeper who won the game for us.

‘The Bodden Town players know what it is to win finals they were prepared and stuck to the game plan and this is what gave us the victory.

‘I lift my hat to Elite they defended well, overall they played a great game if they continue on this trend and stick together they will reach far.’

McLean went on to thank the club’s President Mark Scotland and all the parents and supporter for their support throughout the competition and beyond.

Elite’s Technical Director Greg Ebanks was quite happy with the quality of football played that evening pointing out that it could have gone either way and it was the best game he had seen for the season.

He said: ‘This was one of the best finals I have seen for this season, I enjoyed every minute of it. The ball was played from one eighteen yards box to the other I was sorry when the game ended I really enjoyed myself.

‘The atmosphere was great I was pleased with the presence of Radio Cayman broadcasting the game live and the presence of the TV Station as well. This is the first time that I have seen this type of coverage for the finals of a youth competition.

‘Football won in the end and that is my major concern. I congratulate Bodden Town for winning it was a well played game in all aspects,’ Ebanks stated.