Huta has many Future stars

Jeffrey Webb President of the Cayman Island Islands Football Association heaped praises on Future SC for taking a double and reaching the semis in the 2008 CIFA FA Cup Boy’s Youth competition recently.

Future SC took the title of the Under-14 and Under 16 and lost 1-0 to Elite in the semi finals of the Under-18 competition.

Webb, who was off the island on FIFA business during the finals, said he was pleased with the performance of Future FC who he pointed out have become a force in the youth competitions specifically.

He also made specific mention of the only female participant in the Under-14 competition, Shalisa Barnett, daughter of the President of the Club and sports enthusiast Mike Barnett.

Shalisa played a dazzling game and was an integral part in the defense line to land her team victory throughout the competition leading up to the finals.

Webb said: ‘I really appreciate the standard that this club has reached and it just goes to show that these youngsters have potentials and only need to be nurtured. Future SC in fact one of the best clubs that has been founded on the island.

‘Shalisa who is a utility player has proven to be very dedicated to her game and has done well in any position she is asked to play. I can say without a doubt that Future SC is doing a tremendous job in developing these youngsters.’

Futures copped the Under 14 title by dismissing St Ignatius 3-1 and by beating Cayman ASC 2-1 in the Under-16 final at the North Side playing field.

After the game Coach Roy ‘Huta’ Ebanks pointed out that the success of Future SC was a manifestation of the direction the club had taken to not only develop the players physically but socially and educationally making them into well rounded individuals who are disciplined enough to advance professionally in any direction they choose in life.

Ebanks added that the hard work that the players put in and the support from the coaches, administrators, managers and parents of these youngsters was what brought the success as well.

He said: ‘This is a family orientated club and we will continue to maintain our motto in doing our best to create a better generation through sports.’

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