Tropical wave coming

Although Invest 94L in the Atlantic Ocean had not developed any further on Tuesday morning, a tropical wave is expected to pass through the Cayman Islands area on Thursday bringing rain and breezy conditions.

Forecaster Kerry Powery of the Cayman Islands Weather Service said residents should remember to take umbrellas later this week.

‘The bulk of the weather should be coming in from Thursday afternoon and into Friday,’ he said. ‘It might start out sunny on Thursday, but by afternoon you should start seeing clouds roll in.’

Mr. Powery said some computer models were showing Cayman would receive up to an inch of rain associated with the system.

The tropical wave will also bring 15-20 knot (17-23 mph) winds from the east-northeast on Thursday, shifting to east-southeast on Friday after the system passes. The northerly element of the winds on Thursday could make conditions rough in the North Sound.

Wave heights are expected to be four to six feet on Thursday and Friday and a small crafts are advised to exercise caution on open waters. The rough seas are expected to continue a least through Saturday, when wave heights are expected to be three to six feet.

With regard to Invest 94L, an area of low pressure located about 950 east of the Lesser Antilles on Tuesday morning, Mr. Powery said the National Weather Service would continue monitoring the system.

‘Although it still has the potential to become a tropical depression, the environmental conditions are becoming less favourable for development,’ he said.

Nonetheless, the system bears close watch by Cayman Islands’ residents because most guidance models show the system entering the Caribbean, and some show it tracking toward the Cayman Islands. Although the models differ on whether the system will develop into a tropical cyclone, some show it reaching tropical storm strength or higher.

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