Smith Road water work due

The Water Authority will begin upgrading the main water supply pipeline along Smith Road in August, between Bobby Thompson Way and Hospital Way.

The authority will be replacing the current 8-inch diameter pipeline with a 12-inch pipeline to increase the capacity of the system and improve reliability.

‘The main pipeline that runs along Smith Road was installed in the late 1980’s and since that time the demand for water has increased significantly,’ said Tom van Zanten, the authority’s deputy director. ‘The water distribution system has seen tremendous growth over the past twenty years and the 8-inch pipe has become insufficient to deliver water efficiently and reliably.’

The Water Authority recently completed a similar nine-month project to replace the aging 8-inch pipeline along Walkers Road.

The upgrade works will continue through until December 2008, barring any unforeseen occurrences. The upgrade work will be carried out in sections to minimise the inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians. The first section to be undertaken will be between Bobby Thompson Way and Hope Drive. The crew will progress along Smith Road until reaching Hospital Road.

In a press release, the authority said it has taken steps to ensure that service to customers in the area is not affected.

‘For each section we work on, a temporary pipeline will be installed to ensure that water service to our customers in the immediate area is not interrupted while the main pipeline is out of service,’ said Mr. Bob Robler, chief operations manager. ‘We will also backfill the trenches at the end of each shift as a safety measure.’

Mr. Robler said most of the upgrade work will be carried out at night, between 10pm and 6am, to minimise inconvenience to motorists.

The Water Authority does not anticipate any complete road closures during the project however motorists are encouraged to use alternative routes if possible.

During the pipe-laying work Smith Road will be reduced to one-lane traffic. Traffic flow will be facilitated at either end using either temporary traffic signals or flag men, the release said.

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