Cyclists flex again

Cyclist get another chance to whiz around Cayman’s roads this weekend in the Cost-U-Less Circuit race.

It’s a circuit loop course out along the new bypass towards West Bay then turns towards Marriott Courtyard then back along West Bay Road towards Governors Square and back to the start line.

The race is on Sunday. The start and finish line is on the road directly in front of Butterfield Bank Governors Square.

This is an unusual format because after 45 minutes of riding as a pelothon (group) the marshall will blow the final klaxon and at this point the race is on for the riders.

The first five riders to cross the finish line after three laps will claim the finish.

Organiser Steve Evans said: ‘The spirit of the ride is that we will ensure only a moderate pace will be adopted for most of the laps in the first 45 minutes.

‘Many riders in Grand Cayman will be new to navigating corners in groups at speeds so this is an ideal way to get comfortable with and develop the confidence required with this event.

The experienced will be monitoring the proceedings on the road ensuring every rider rides safely and in spirit with this learning experience format. There will be intense periods, but the group will come back together.’

For more information, contact Steve Evans on: [email protected]

Cell: (345) 323 0946