Drug site cleared

An overgrown area of land in West Bay, which has been identified as conducive to criminal activity, was cleared Thursday.

wb land

A cleared drug site in West Bay. Photo: Submitted

The land next to the Ebo Laundromat on Birch Tree Hill Road, West Bay, is renowned as an area where criminal activity such as anti-social behaviour, fights and drug abuse takes place. It was also the scene of a fatal shooting on 11 July and is thought to have been the route the attacker took into the street before firing at 23-year-old Mark Jefferson.

‘Prior to the clearing work, this area was overgrown and dark,’ explained Area Commander Chief Inspector Angelique Howell. ‘This allows for criminals to carry out activity without being seen. It gives them a shelter and a sense of security that they can do things without easy detection.’

The RCIPS thanks the land owner, the Cayman Islands Beautification Committee and Ron Wilson Heavy Equipment Services for assisting with the clearing work.

Speaking at the site while work was being undertaken, Chief Inspector Howell said the area looked better already: ‘Even before the work is finished the area looks much better,’ she said, stressing that the move should help deter criminal activity in the future.

‘You can now see from Stadium Drive into the rear of the Laundromat, which will allow for much more effective observation of activity. It should also deter those who want to use the area for criminal acts.’

Ms Howell also said that further measures will be taken to make the area as safe as possible, with additional lighting being one consideration. ‘We have worked with CUC in the past and I will be looking to do the same again,’ she said.

Any West Bay residents with concerns about crime, disorder or anything else to do with their neighbourhood can contact Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, Inspector Charles Best or Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant, Everton Spence on 949-3999.

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