Getting to know Cayman

UK Parliamentarians yesterday visited the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands and pose under work by Caymanian Artist, Nicola McCoy. From left (standing) are MPs Nigel Evans and Lindsay Hoyle; National Gallery Curator, Natalie Coleman; MPs Michael Fallon and Ian Davidson and Health Ministry Deputy Chief Officer, Leonard Dilbert.

know cayman

Sharing a light moment are, from left, Speaker Edna Moyle, Mr. Lindsay Hoyle and Mr. Nigel Evans, at back.

Seated from left are MP Baroness Llin Golding, MP wives Wendy Fallon and Morag Davidson and Cayman Islands UK Representative, Jennifer Dilbert. Group leader Mr Ian Davidson (Labour), Baroness Llin Golding (Labour), Mr Lindsay Hoyle (Labour), Mr. Nigel Evans (Conservative), Mr Michael Fallon (Conservative), and Mrs Jennifer Dilbert, MBE, JP, Cayman Islands Government Representative in the UK were all hosted by Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts when they stopped off at The Grounds.

On Sunday the group toured the National Gallery.

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