Company Law Prize goes to student

This year’s Company Law Prize was presented to first year University College of the Cayman Islands Bachelor of Science in Business Administration student Stephanie Dilbert by Kevin Butler, partner of Cayman Islands law firm Conyers Dill & Pearman.

This is the first year this award has been conferred. Aside from a personal trophy, the prize includes a $500 cheque to the student achieving the best overall grade in the course. An accounting major, Stephanie plans to pursue a CPA degree and, thereafter, a career within a professional accounting firm.

Mr. Butler also presented a plaque to Dave Stock, UCCI Registrar.

“We are very proud that Stephanie has received this Company Law Prize for 2008. She is an exceptional role model for our students,” said Mr. Stock.

‘We would also like to thank Conyers Dill & Pearman for its continuing support of education at UCCI.’

Company Law is a mandatory course in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Program. Basic knowledge is provided that allows the students to appreciate the concepts presented in its overall context.

Specific concepts examined include classification and types of companies, procedure for incorporation, duties and responsibilities of members and officers, as well as the capital and share structure, and the liquidation and winding up of companies.

When an opportunity arose for Conyers to assist with teaching Company Law at UCCI, Dennis Ryan, an attorney of the firm and former teacher, was a natural fit.

Mr. Ryan, with the assistance of other staff at Conyers, has generously given his time to prepare and instruct this course. Conyers wanted to recognize all the students in Mr. Ryan’s class, particularly the student who achieved the overall top grade in Company Law in 2008.

“We are delighted for Stephanie. She demonstrated an exceptional grasp of the company law concepts discussed in class. She excelled in all aspects of the course assignments, projects and written examinations,” said Mr. Ryan.

Aside from sponsoring the award, Conyers has taken on an active role at UCCI.

“Conyers recognises the commitment and cooperation of UCCI within the business community,’ said Mr. Butler.

As an ongoing commitment to education in the community, Conyers Dill & Pearman also sponsors the Lighthouse School together with offering scholarship to an outstanding Caymanian law student for on going legal education to enter the legal profession.

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