Cross-Cayman run in January

A runner in training to cross America on foot will hold a similar run, albeit considerably shorter, across Cayman early next year.

Richard Singer, who plans to make a Guinness World Record attempt to run across the US, has announced a date for the local version Run Across Cayman, which will be held 11 January.

The run will be from the Boatswain Beach Turtle Farm in West Bay to Rum Point and cover 45.5 miles.

Mr. Singer is seeking sponsorship from companies and individuals, as well as product donations and volunteers to help carry out the event.

He is also inviting other runners on the island to join him for the run across Cayman.

‘I’m inviting everyone to come out and run,’ he said.

He estimated it would take about 10 hours to run across the island, but said people could sign up to run 10, five or three miles if they chose to do so.

Money he raises in Cayman will be donated to a scholarship fund for underprivileged students to attend International College of the Cayman Islands. Funds raised in the US will go to a variety of charities based there.

Mr. Singer, a psychotherapist, inspirational book writer and part-time lecturer, hopes to run and walk from Los Angeles to New York in 45 days, setting off on 20 February. If he covers the distance in that time, he will break a 28-year-old Guinness World Record.

He hopes to raise at least $1 million in his 2,800-mile journey on foot from Los Angeles City Hall to New York City Hall.

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