Another turtle taken in EE

Department of Environment officers believe another nesting turtle was taken by poachers from an East End beach last week.

A search was conducted in the area of Morritts Tortuga Club and Resort Friday, but nothing was found and DoE officers said it was likely too late for the animal.

‘It was definitely taken,’ said DoE Enforcement Officer Ronnie Dougall. ‘You could see where it had been taken and rolled on its back and dragged to some tyre marks.’

Mr. Dougall said there were no eggs at the site where the animal, believed to be a Green Sea Turtle because of the time of year and nesting location, was taken. He said the turtle was believed to be an adult weighing between 300-400 pounds.

DoE officers were able to save an adult Loggerhead Turtle earlier this month when it was found tied up and stowed under a bush in East End.

Authorities believe that turtle had also been taken when she came up the beach to lay eggs.

Poaching turtles is illegal in the Cayman Islands at all times unless a person is in possession of a turtling licence issued by the DoE. Turtles are also protected from hunters during nesting season, which runs from April through November in Cayman.