Today’s Editorial for July 30: Overtaking on highway is stupid

A sign has been erected in the grass near the Esterley Tibbetts Highway asking motorists to refrain from overtaking.

Quite frankly, we agree.

There have been too many accidents and too much death and carnage on that stretch of road.

Overtaking isn’t just happening where the middle line is broken, but it also happens where the white line is solid, which is illegal.

Esterley Tibbetts between Lawrence Boulevard and the Butterfield Roundabout is about a mile long.

If a piece of construction equipment is going 15 miles per hour, someone passing this equipment at 50mph and maintaining that speed (which is actually speeding) would save a grand total of 35 seconds.

Since you can only pass legally on part of that stretch of road, the time savings is probably 20 seconds at most.

Is this really worth the risk to life?

Just about everyone we know has either had a close call or knows someone who has on that stretch of road.

We’ve carried several articles in the Caymanian Compass – along with photographs – of the horrendous crashes on Esterley Tibbetts.

How many people need to die to save people less than half-minute of their time?

Some in our community have suggested that the dotted line part of the middle white line be painted solid and a no passing law be put into place.

As we stated above, some of those drivers who are overtaking aren’t waiting until they get to the legal section to do so; they are breaking the law already, so we’re not sure a solid white line the length of the road would work.

It’s just a matter of time before our journalists find themselves back on Esterley Tibbetts at the scene of yet another horrific crash.

Once the road is widened to four lanes, overtaking shouldn’t be as big of an issue, but for now, it is.

No matter how many laws we pass or policies we make about overtaking on our roadways, there will always be impatient and rude drivers who don’t have enough common sense to care about their own lives, much less the lives of other drivers.

We must all make sure we keep an eye out for the other folks on the road and drive defensively.

We need to reduce the risk of driving by anticipating dangerous situations. And in the Cayman Islands dangerous situations can be around every corner on our roads, especially Esterley Tibbetts Highway.

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