Don’t overtake sign erected

A sign erected on the Esterley Tibbetts highway urges drivers ‘For heaven’s sake, don’t overtake’, but it has only been allowed to be put in place on a stretch of the 40-miles per hour road where overtaking is illegal anyway.

The sign is sponsored by recruitment company CLM Offshore Recruitment.

Colin Doylend, marketing and PR manager of the recruitment firm said the company had responded to a request in the media by Aileen Samuels of Streetskill to pay $220 for a sign urging drivers not to overtake.

One fatal accident, another serious one in which two people were badly injured, and several near collisions on the two-lane motorway has led to concerns among road safety advocates to make passing illegal on the bypass.

Mr. Doylend said the company had wanted to put signs all along the highway, along stretches of road where a broken line indicates that overtaking is allowed. ‘But where it went, the line is solid,’ he said.

A crash in March on the road between Camana Bay and the North Sound Road roundabout sent five people to hospital. In November, 39-year-old Shaney Tania Bar-On (known in Cayman as Shaney Kol) died after her SUV was stuck by a truck.

Police have said previously there are no plans to make overtaking illegal on the road.

The deputy director of the National Roads Authority has said that in the long-term, there are plans to widen the road from two to four lanes and put a divider in the centre. However, no funding for such an alteration was outlined in this year’s budget.

RCIPS Chief Inspector Courtney Myles has previously told the Caymanian Compass that putting one solid line all along the highway would not be effective, as if drivers wished to travel below the speed limit, other drivers should be allowed to overtake, while lowering the speed limit would irritate responsible drivers.